Quiddity for Business Owners

By Max Oltersdorf
Quiddity Co-founder and CEO

Thinking about an exit for your business? For no cost, Quiddity can help you identify potential acquirers and get introduced. No retainers, no subscription fees, no commissions. Here’s what what you can expect.

We connect you with the right partners

Every business is different, with its own "quirks and quiddities." We understand this better than anyone and know that you want to find a partner that matches your values, maintains your culture, and protects your employees.

That's why we make sure the potential buyers that use our platform care not just about profits but also about getting great outcomes for everyone who is going to be affected by an owner's exit. Every potential buyer that uses Quiddity has experience or a mandate that includes buying businesses directly from founders.

By providing basic information, our platform matches you with the companies who might be interested and reaches out to gauge that interest. If a potential buyer is interested, you get the final word on whether to be introduced or not.

Buyers on the Quiddity platform span nearly every industry, are interested in companies from less than $1m in revenue to over $1b in revenue, and specialize in structuring terms that are easy to understand even without M&A experience.

You have a business to run; let us do the hard work to find you partners that are a good fit so you only have to dedicate time when you find one you like.

We provide you with guides and resources

M&A can be intimidating and many CEOs have never been through a transaction before. We built Quiddity because we believe that the M&A process as it exists today is unnecessarily complicated and deserves to be simplified. That's why we made our process easy to understand and engage with.

If you need help along the way, we have resources available to you. From how to handle your first call with a potential buyer, to what to expect after you've received an offer, we provide you with articles and walkthroughs to help you navigate the process. And of course, you can always talk to a real person should additional questions arise.

M&A isn’t all that complicated and navigating the process successfully primarily depends on understanding what to expect. Quiddity helps you understand the process and gets you to a deal that you can feel knowledgeable about.

We put you in control of messaging

As the owner, you know your company's story better than anyone. Quiddity gets you in front of potential buyers as soon as possible so you can start to tell that story.

You've led your company through the ups and downs and have been active for every major milestone. Selling your business is going to be the biggest milestone of them all and the only one the business can't come back from. Why outsource negotiating the biggest deal of your career to someone who just learned about your company?

We save you money

One of the best things about Quiddity is that it is free. Because we're able to use technology to streamline the most labor-intensive and time consuming parts of the M&A process, we never charge sellers for our service. No retainers, no subscription fees, no commissions. We make money by charging the eventual buyer of your company a 1.5% fee upon deal close. If you don’t sell, no problem. Our priority at the end of the day is to make it as simple as possible for folks to make the right connections and have conversations that matter.

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