Introducing Quiddity BankerFinder

By Max Oltersdorf
CEO and Co-Founder at Quiddity

Take the stress out of finding a banker!

Here at Quiddity we love finding you potential acquirers and making introductions. For most CEOs, this is great! They feel confident navigating the sale process and love our “always free for sellers” mentality.

However, we also recognize that some folks want a little more hand-holding. That’s why we’re introducing Quiddity BankerFinder, a tool that lets you search hundreds of investment bankers and business brokers to find the perfect one for you.

Gone are the days of using the investment banker recommended by your uncle’s college-roommate’s brother. Find a banker that specializes in your industry, geography, or needs. We’ll even put you in touch, all for free.

Everyday we strive to help business owners more effectively sell their business. If using Quiddity is the best thing for you, fantastic! If not, we’ll work hard to make sure you find the option that’s right for you.

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