The middle market is inefficient. Quiddity is fixing that.

Quiddity was created from a simple premise:

Make the lives of everyone in the middle market easier by streamlining the deal-making process.

No one became an investor to spend hours combing through deals that aren’t a fit and no business owner wants their company to sit on a deal site for half a year before it sells.

We built Quiddity to get you connected with the partners that are right for you, without having to dig through hundreds that aren’t.

Meet us

Max Oltersdorf

Co-Founder / CEO
Hi, I'm Max, CEO of Quiddity. When I was working in private equity, I saw how inefficient the market was, with people spending lots of time on deals that weren't right for them. I knew there must be a better way and Quiddity was born. Previously, I was working at the White House on trade policy, trying to finalize one of the biggest-ever trade deals with our Asian counterparts. Outside of Quiddity, I love biking, cooking, hiking, and travelling to interesting places, including Azerbaijan and North Korea. I'm passionate about doing business in the right way and look forward to working with you!

Misha Ponizil

Co-Founder / Product
As CTO and head of product, it's my job to translate Quiddity's values into tangible products and tools. It can be tricky when businesses change hands, but in 2019, finding the right partners shouldn't be the hard part. I've been building products with startups for the last decade, and I enjoy spending free time with doggies, ballgames, and cold brew.